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The road ahead for 2017

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again. Everyone makes some promises for the year to come. Some make it until the end of the year. Others, well… To make sure my promises do make it until the end… Continue Reading →

Varivoor: scared of failure.

Here ‘s the thing about my side-project, it’s live for everyone to see, I’m talking about on twitter, and I received some nice feedback. But I’m barely making any progress. I have two high-value TODO items that have been… Continue Reading →

Clapping for funding

Have you ever seen a marathon race? At the halfway point, a band is playing and they’re handing out drinks to thirsty athletes. The sides of the road are packed with supporters who are cheering the athletes towards the finish… Continue Reading →

Running WordPress on Amazon AWS – For Free!

As some of you may have noticed, I have updated my blog a while ago. The previous version ran on some custom Go code on top of Google AppEngine. It ran fine, it was free, but because it was some… Continue Reading →

The 7 Day Startup and the quest for an idea

No, no, I have not started a startup in 7 days (yet!). It’s the title of a book by Dan Norris on his failures to create a profitable, scalable business and how he finally managed to launch his current startup… Continue Reading →

Three months in – shipping sugar

Oh, wow, another month passed. Three months into 2015, I guess it’s time to give you guys another update. First the good news: I’m still not eating sugar, or at least less sugar than I used to eat. No croissants… Continue Reading →

Introducing 1Mailer

As a developer, I’m able to create a solution for the tiny annoyances that I encounter while using my android phone. One of those annoyances is the “read it later” functionality. Sometimes a smartphone is not enough to read a… Continue Reading →

No sugar 2015, One month in.

We’re one month in, I guess it’s time for an update: it’s not easy. There are way more things that contain sugar than you would expect. You wanted a wiener schnitzel? Sorry, there’s sugar in the bread-coating. Kroepoek? Sorry, sugar…. Continue Reading →

Stop Talking, Start Doing And Don’t Sugarcoat It.

I’m one of those people who makes resolutions for the new year. I’m also one of those people who rarely makes it past the end of January. And yet, I’m giving it another shot in 2015. I’m even going for… Continue Reading →

Getting started

OK, let’s get this blog off the ground and in the air! Welcome! Let’s kick off with some personal background first. I’m Thomas, I live in Gent in Belgium and I’m a software developer at Acquia. This blog is a… Continue Reading →

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